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About Katharine

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I was lucky enough to be born in one of the greatest cities on earth, Charleston South Carolina. And while I that should be enough, I was also born to a British mother. So early on in life we as a family starting traveling every few years to England to visit her family. I only start with this because this is where my love of traveling began and that's why we are all here today reading this, is for our shared love of travel.

Skip forward a lot of years...Shayleigh ( my darling daughter) and I met Luke (you'll meet him throughout this blog, if you haven't already). Luke was already an experienced traveler when we walked into the picture. Traveling was something we bonded over immediately, so we started planning our first trip. We decided to go out west and see places like Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Deadwood, Yellowstone and a few more along the way, all while on a road trip for a week. Now I can tell you that I was a little scared for our relationship. It was new and exciting but I have always said, you never really know someone until you travel with them. So we started on our journey for our first trip. Needless to say, it went well!

Luke, Shayleigh and I, along with our two dogs have been together for 6 years. Since we have been together Luke and I have visited seventeen states and nineteen countries together. We have also added fourteen chickens and two ducks to our family as well. We love animals to say the least and a lot of our travel is based on that passion. We want to see as many species in their natural habitat as possible and help where we can, due to many species being endangered.

As we continue this journey in life and throughout the world, we are happy to have you here alongside us to experience this with us. We can't thank you enough for being here. So please "Like", "Follow", "Comment', and "Subscribe" to our page and social media sites to help us along.

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