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Christmas is Better in Grand Cayman

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Locals at Stingray City Grand Cayman, Sting Rays The Traveling Locals
Locals at Stingray City Grand Cayman

Who doesn’t want to escape the cold and bleak days of winter and step out onto a warm tropical island surrounded with crystal clear azure water? And there is no better time to visit than during the holidays. While it may be freezing in New York City, it’s a balmy breezy 82F in Grand Cayman. Few other tropical destinations really embrace the holiday time like the locals in Grand Cayman, and you can discover some amazing Christmas light displays on many houses in the neighborhood around Georgetown. Snorkel, fish or dive the iconic reefs during the day, then spend the evenings enjoying great food and drinks surrounded by colorful lights and holiday decorations. You can even build your own Cayman version of a snowman from the sugary white sand of 7 mile beach. Christmas is better in Grand Cayman!

Seven Mile Beach Cayman Sand Snowman, Grand Cayman The Traveling Locals
Seven Mile Beach Cayman Sand Snowman

Camana Bay is especially beautiful during the holidays and you can usually find local bands playing music outside near the massive Christmas tree. This is where the locals come for the holidays and it’s packed with local restaurants, bars, shopping and beautiful festival light displays. There's an annual Cayman Camana Bay Christmas tree lighting festival night year that's great for all ages.

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Camana Bay Grand Cayman, The Traveling Locals
Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Camana Bay
Holiday Fountain Lights Camana Bay Grand Cayman, the Traveling Locals
Holiday Lights in Grand Cayman

The local neighborhoods take holiday lighting and decorations to an extreme. I have never seen private homes with the astounding amount of Christmas lights and blinking displays. The vivid colors do attract small crowds, but the locals seem to appreciate this and there are entire streets dedicated to these unbelievable displays. Electricity in Grand Cayman is expensive, I would hate to see what these bills look like in January!

Christmas Lights in Georgetown Grand Cayman, The traveling locals
Christmas Lights in Georgetown Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman has an average temperature of around 80F in November and December making the weather perfect to enjoy one of Cayman's best attractions, it's gorgeous beaches and coral reefs. Seven Mile Beach just outside of the capital city of Georgetown is frequently listed on most lists of the world's best beaches. What makes Cayman so different from other Caribbean islands is the close proximity of the coral reef to the shore. Most of the best reefs in Grand Cayman can be accessed directly from the white sandy beaches and usually begin no more than 20 yards from the shore. The reefs are are very protected and the local government has done a terrific job of keeping them in pristine conditions. Another unique feature around Cayman is the pretty dramatic drop off into very deep water that can be experienced as close to 200 yards from shore! This island is well known as one of the best destinations for both scuba and snorkeling some of which are located right on Seven Mile Beach.

Seven Mile Beach on a Beautiful Cayman Day Grand Cayman The Traveling Locals
Seven Mile Beach on a Beautiful Cayman Day
Amazing Sunset Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman, The Traveling Locals
Amazing Sunset Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

Where We Stay: Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. 389 West Bay Road Seven Mile Beach

Where We Eat: Peppers Bar & Grill for the best jerk chicken and mojitos on the island! 426 West Bay Road Grand Cayman KY1


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