Why we love it...

Packing can be tough. Especially when you have limited space in your suit case and you are limited to the amount of luggage you can take with you. I mean, with the over the top baggage fees these days, you defiantly don't want to go over your allowed bags.

With these vacuum sealed bags your can pack more and save space. And the best part about them, you don't need a vacuum or any equipment to use them.. You just roll them up and toss them into your bag.

Now, these are great for space saving as I said before, but make sure to be aware of the weight of your bag. You don't want to pay extra for an overweight bag.

Why we love it...

There is nothing worse than careful planning our what you are going to pack for your trip, packing it neatly so you know where everything is for easy access, and then getting to a busy airport where you stand in line, worry if you are going to make it to your gate on time and then you put your bag on the scale to find out it is overweight. So now you either pay the baggage fees of open your bags in front of everyone and quickly try to move things around from bag to bag in order to avoid those pesky fees. 

That's why we love this product, and we don't leave home without it when flying. As we pack, we close our bags up and weigh them to make sure we aren't going to be overweight before we leave the house. But make sure to pack it with you. So as you buy your souvenirs along the way, you can make sure not to run into the same problem on the way back as well. Side note... make sure you check with your airlines to see what their specific weight restrictions are. 

Why we love it...

Ok, so maybe this product doesn't help you "pack" but it does help you to unpack, and isn't that just as important? We'd say so! I can't tell you how may times we have been in a hotel or other accommodations and there weren't enough hangers. Maybe you don't like hanging you things or just don't care either way, in that case this product isn't for you. But i love being able to hang up my jackets, coats, dresses and some tops. Luke likes being able to hang his suits up to avoid many more wrinkles. 

If you are just staying for a night or two, Id say not to worry about it, but if you are staying for a while make sure to pack these with you so you look nice and wrinkle free for all your social media pictures!